Just playing with the good camera..

Anonymous asked:
What advice would you give to someone going into the military that is gay?

Unaon yourself, there’s so much personal things I could tell you.
You know and there’s things that I could publicly could say..
But one don’t categorized yourself…
If anything everyone In the military is weird as fuck.
If your a man no matter what you put in your mouth or body no ones going to tell you anything or even pick up on your ways…
I haven’t ran into not one asshole since I join
If anything I’m weirded out about how comfortable people are
Another thing is I’m not gay lol and I don’t live a gay lifestyle so I’m always doing something with the bros
YESS I date guys and If the time comes when a female catches my attention I make out or screw around with them too… It’s hard to ask me that expecting me to make it seem like it’s hard
There’s no difference between you and the next man
The only difference is your preference
And…..! Your allowed to be in a gay marriage and the army honors it

Anonymous asked:
Are you bi or gay?

I am the future,
Honestly you can say I’m bi
But my dealing been with the beast more lately than ever… Plus I don’t like to categorize anything..
You never know who might come change your mind or lifestyle

Anonymous asked:
Are you single?

As a dollar bill that’s stuck in a vending machine !

Anonymous asked:
You just so sexy.

Thank you! Who are you?